All kinds of invitations to Russia.

  • Tourism, business, work, study, medical.
  • Registration and accreditation of foreign companies in Federal Migration Service of RF and Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF.
  • We can help your company to invite foreign employees to work in Russia.
  • Individual legalization of foreigners in Russia.
  • We can help you to become temporary resident in Russia.
  • Our price list for visa support.
  • The tourist visa to Russia is suitable for foreigners intending to visit Russia once and to stay for up to 30 days.
  • Our price for tourist invitations to Russia is for EU 15 EURO, For reservations for the whole stay in the territory of Russia visa support (invitation) is made out for FREE!
  • For Asia countries 100 USD,
  • For Africa countries 140 USD.
    List of countries
  • Business visa to Russia for 1 year period.
  • For EU is 120 USD, for 3 month 100 USD.
  • For Asia and Africa countries 350 USD for 3 month is 300 USD.
  • Student visa is 500 USD.

Specify the details from the experts: +7 (495) 768-11-92,

Work and teacher visa is 3000 USD for 1 year period with 1 year registration.

Permission to live in Russia for 3 year period 2000 EURO (if legal base exist in your case)

Do contact with our managers and we help you to get invitation to Russia, reserve any hotel or private apartments to live in during you stay in Russia and help with all registration formalities when you come to Russia.

+7 (495) 768-11-92, e-mail:

How to get visa support step by step.

  1. Do make your choice what kind of visa you need — tourist (up to 1 month stay in Russia) or business (from 3 month to 1 year).
  2. Fill in visa application form pls if you need business visa.
  3. If you need tourist visa pls inform us about travel dates.
  4. Just after you send us your order — our manager get it touch with you by e-mail.
  5. If you prefer to discuss something do pls call us on tel: +7 (495) 768-11-92.
  6. Pls attach your passport main page good copy.

Weekend offer!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Standard Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Plus Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Delta — 2 250 rubles per room
Business Premium Delta — 2 430 rubles per room
First Class Delta — 2 970 rubles per room

For additional information, please, contact our manager and BOOK TODAY!