• «New Year» season 50% discount, January, 1-15.
  • «May» 45% season 45% discount, May, 1-15.
  • «Summer» season 40% discount, June, 28 — August, 28.
  • «Middle & High» seasons 10-35% discount.
  1. Group room reservations with seasonal discounts (starting from 5 rooms) are taken during the year. Prices are calculated by the rate that is currently used in the hotel during the reservation.
  2. Room reservations are consolidated with an agreement. The agreement conditions can be edited under the agreement of both parties.
  3. There is a special food service for the children groups: lunches, light breakfasts, dinners and packed meals. The prices are calculated individually.
  4. In the «New Year» season during the Kremlin New Year’s tree period applications for participation are accepted till December, 10.
  5. The applications for the event attendance and individual programs development are accepted in advance, at least in 30 days before this event.
  6. «Middle & High» seasons are identified for the moment of making the reservation and are confirmed by a manger. Exhibition and sport events periods, big state and Moscow city events are considered as «Middle & High» seasons in the hotel.

Weekend offer!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Standard Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Plus Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Delta — 2 250 rubles per room
Business Premium Delta — 2 430 rubles per room
First Class Delta — 2 970 rubles per room

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