The Delta and the Gamma hotels are the parts of the Izmaylovo hotel complex. They are situated in the picturesque area of the capital, in the east part of Izmaylovo Park and are surrounded with historical and architectural monuments.

Hotel Gamma and DeltaA little bit of history. The Izmaylovo is known as a village since 1389. It used to be Romanov’s patrimonial estate since the times of Ivan Grozny. In seventeenth century the residence of Tsar Aleksey Mikhaylovich was situated here. Tsar estate was built on the artificial island, it was surrounded with Serebrynny and Vinogradny ponds. Later on Izmaylovo ponds Peter the First made his sailing. Guard regiments stood there in times of Anna Ioanovna, including the regiment that was called Izmaylovo regiment. Since the middle of nineteenths century Izmaylovo became the industrial area. In 1932 Stalin Park was founded here, it was re-named into Izmaylovo Park later on. The Izmaylovo hotel complex was founded in 1980 in the south-west part of this park, in one of the biggest and green parks in Moscow.

The outlook of the hotel is closely related to ХХII Olympic Games in Moscow. Five buildings of the hotel symbolize five rings from the Olympic Games emblem. 30-floor buildings with 5000 rooms of different types can accept 10000 guests at once… The Izmaylovo hotel is included in the Hines record book as the biggest hotel in Europe. The official name is THC (tourist hotel complex). People call the hotel Izmaylovo hotel or ABVGD hotel by the first letters of buildings’ names: Alpha, Beta, Vega, Gamma and Delta. At present time there are summer sport football and tennis playgrounds on the Izmaylovo hotel’s area.

Gamma and Delta buildings are notable for its reasonable prices and high service level. These buildings are perfectly suitable for businessmen who came to the capital for meetings and for tourists as well. Usually hotel staff calls them «the Gamma hotel» and «the Delta hotel». The Gamma hotel has the opposite entrance from the Delta hotel. The Gamma-Delta hotel is capable of about 4000 people (2000 rooms overall).

Concert hall is situated on the complex area that has the capacity of up to 1500 people in a big hall. Concert shows are usual events here. Besides this, corporate meetings and large conferences are held here as well. Both adults and children can spend a remarkable time in Izmaylovo Park area. In summer they can enjoy park amusements and pond, in winter feel like they are in a fairytale.

The following places of interest are situated next to the hotel: LOKOMOTIV stadium, vernisage, dolphinarium, sport complexes, historical churches and Theatre of mime and gestures. The wonderful view on Pokrov cathedral is opened out of the windows of the Gamma-Delta hotel.

The metro station «Partizanskaya» (previously it was called «Izmaylovsky Park») is located in 5 minutes walk from the Gamma-Delta buildings. It will take you only 15 minutes to get to Moscow City center by metro, the closest to Sadovoe Koltso metro station is «Kurskaya».

Blue Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line goes straight to the heart of Moscow («Ploshchad Revolutsii» station).

Weekend offer!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Standard Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Plus Gamma — 2 100 rubles per room
Standard Delta — 2 250 rubles per room
Business Premium Delta — 2 430 rubles per room
First Class Delta — 2 970 rubles per room

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